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Friday  7th September 2012

Although the silos had been open to the public for several years, they underwent further improvements in 2012 thanks to a funding programme introduced by ecogozo.

Having secured the necessary funds, the work undertaken included the installation of eco-friendly LED lighting, including motion sensors, to replace the old lighting system.  The new power usage is now one-tenth of what the old system used to consume.

Safe stair railings were installed on the stairs leading up to the silos and  a raised wooden pathway was put down all the way into the three silos.  This is conserving the original floor as visitors now walk solely on the wooden path.

New information panels were installed around the site so visitors could better understand the significance of each part of the site.

The inauguration of these improvements was combined with the launch of a publication about the site.  In this booklet Godwin Vella gives the history of each part of the site while Daniel Cilia has added gorgeous illustrations. 

  DSC 2290 webDSC 2302 web

  DSC 2311 web

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