2013 – Dgħajsa Tal-Latini

The last surviving dgħajsa tal-latini was in reality just a hulk of a long abandoned lateen boat Dghajsa tal-Latini 2000Beforechristened the Sacra Famiglia.  It was beached and pronounced unseaworthy in the 1970’s and stood blocking a slipway at Mgarr.  It was eventually bought by an entrepreneur who wanted to sell it to the Gozo Ministry.  Wirt Għawdex intervened, stating that the boat, seen through a cultural perspective, was priceless.

The Gozo Channel Co. showed a keen interest in the restoration of this last surviving example of our nautical heritage and is, in fact, the predecessor of the Gozo Channel Company itself.  Gozo Channel  purchased the boat and handed it over to Wirt Ghawdex and also offered a full sponsorship for the restoration works.Dghajsa 2014 5Restored

The boat was put back in the capable hands of the Caruana brothers, sons of the original builder.  They have done extensive restoration work over the past years.

The restoration work is completed and the dgħajsa is now on permanent display at the newly refurbished Zewwieqa (Mgarr).

2014.12.04 - Inaugration ceremony

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