New President for Wirt Ghawdex

Dr Joseph Caruana President Wirt GhawdexDr Joseph Caruana President Wirt GhawdexThe past year and a half has been a challenging time for many, not least for Wirt Għawdex, which also suffered from the restrictions brought about by the prevailing pandemic.

Notwithstanding this, the Wirt Għawdex committee have persevered with the work of the organisation, particularly with the upkeep of sites in the organisation’s custody and following of development applications andsubmission of representations to the authorities.

In its commitment to the goal of safeguarding and promoting Gozo’s natural, archaeological,historical, and anthropological heritage, the organisation looks ahead to continue fulfilling its role with renewed enthusiasm. Recently, the organisation has also restructured its committee, welcoming Dr Joseph Caruana as its new president and Dr Mark Sagona as a new member on the committee.

For further details please see our press release. You can view all our press releases here

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